It’s written in the word of God! “You will have a beautiful love story”

Psalm 37:4

Hebrews 13:4 and Ephesians 4:32

Shaunette Ehiabhi, Dating & Relationship Coach


Dating and Relationship Coach

I’m Shaunette, Dating and Relationship Coach, and I know a thing or two about failed relationships and the pain they leave behind. I’ve had my fair share of disappointments from dead end relationships to heartbreak and even tragedy. You see…

  • I was a young widow who had to navigate the grieving process while raising an 8-month old baby girl.
  • I’ve endured and survived the aftermath of a toxic relationship that was mentally and physically abusive and almost cost me my life.
  • I’ve lived with despair and loneliness and felt like I wasn’t enough.
  • I’ve even contemplated suicide to escape the pain from my past.

My story may sound familiar because it is very similar to so many beautiful women who don’t understand their worth and suffer in silence living with heartache and pain. My pain drove me towards a path of change and healing. because I wanted a happier and healthier life.

I rewrote my love story by investing in myself! I spent countless hours on my self-development and I also sought therapy and hired a life coach which all helped me regain my confidence, rebuild my self esteem and learn to recognize real love.

My life is the total opposite of the disappointingly sad life I used to live. If you’d like to live your best life ever, I’d like to teach you the powerful methods I developed through my own journey.

Let me help you rewrite your love story.

I’ve created programs to help women successfully navigate dating and relationships by healing from the past and tapping into their innate ability to manifest love authentically to achieve their “love” goals without sacrificing who they are or what they want.


My coaching program is built on a model I created called The FIPS Model. The FIPS Model is essentially 4 foundational areas that couples need to achieve and maintain balance for sustainable happiness.

Finances = Freedom + Security

Intimacy = Connection + Pleasure
Physical = Appearance + Healthy
Spiritual = Happiness + Peace