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Are you ready to rewrite your love story?

Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship takes work, even if that relationship is with yourself.

My coaching and mentoring programs are rooted in the 10 basic needs a relationship must have for it to last, be happy and healthy.

I help you tap into your innate ability to achieve attainable happiness for yourself and in your relationship.

You’ll learn how to clear what’s blocking your happiness by examining painful experiences and learning to use the information to create greater joy in your life.

There are whole industries dedicated to telling women that we’re broken, that we’re not enough and that we can’t have it all!

You can’t have a balanced work and home life unless you sacrifice who you are or want to be.

You’re not going to be desirable to a man if you become too independent or make too much money.

Finding love again after a breakup or divorce is close to impossible, you should embrace being alone.

You’re going to be single forever because there are no more good men left.

“Contrary to the old school of thought that places boundaries on a woman’s happiness, I’m here to show you that you can have it all in your career and in love and you don’t have to sacrifice who you are to do it” ~Shaunette~

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