Why We Love Weddings

May and June is prime wedding season and a time most of us celebrate the love and marriage of friends and family.

What better way to continue celebrating our year of “love” than to celebrate marriage, weddings and all the looks and feels that come along with it.

Couples who choose to spend their lives together are entering into a sacred and special bond that’s one of the oldest and most celebrated rites of passage into adulthood all over the world.

Weddings Make Us Believe In Happily Ever After

Weddings are magical and when we attend them, they somehow have us all believing that love is enchanted and the couple getting married will live happily ever after.

They bring out the best in us. Whether it’s the beautiful wedding dress, the cake, or that amazing first dance, there’s something about a wedding that makes you believe in love—and makes you wish you could just skip ahead to that part of your life when you’re doing everything right.

But weddings aren’t just about love. They’re also about commitment and promise—which is why they’re so special. 

Weddings Remind Us Of What Love Can Be

When we attend weddings, we are reminded of what it means to be in love and all the wonderful things that can come from that love like building a life together and having a family and that’s certainly worth celebrating.


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