7 Steps to Build Healthy Habits

Starting new habits that stick is hard! Most people give up long before it becomes automatic.

There are all sorts of obstacles that get in the way that can derail the process. Whether you don’t know where to begin or what exactly you should focus on, it all adds up to confusion and frustration.

Do you wish it were easier to build new habits?

What if there was a way to make starting new habits easier? You can have that power! By using the 7 steps to build healthy habits, you’ll turn your new healthy habit into something that gets done almost automatically.

It’s simple really.

You need a plan. A roadmap for where the path leads and how to stay on course, even when the rest of your life gets in the way and tries to steer you off track.

That is why I’ve put together 7 steps which will help you work out what changes you should make and how to build better, healthier habits right now and forever. 


Step 1 – Make a decision that you’re going all in 100% on creating a new habit.


Step 2 – Set a specific goal that you want to turn into a healthy habit and set a timeframe.  The more specific you are about the goal and by putting a deadline on when you want to reach your goal, the better your chances of sticking to it. According to Healthline.com “It can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic”. 


Step 3 – Create an action driven, detailed plan and put it on your calendar with reminders. Making this type of plan will reduce the chances of you not following through. Establishing a specific plan helps you maneuver around derailing obstacles and combat procrastination.


Step 4 – Have a “no exception” rule in the formative stages of creating your new habit where you don’t allow yourself to make excuses or rationalizations about not sticking to your plan.


Step 5 – Find ways to make your goal pursuit of a new habit fun. You’ll achieve more progress and be more persistent about accomplishing your goal.


Step 6 – Allow flexibility to help you stick to it by varying routine activities as your habit begins to run on autopilot. Frequently repeating a behavior is the key to successfully building a new habit but inserting small deviations keeps it interesting and helps you stick with it.


Step 7 – Find someone to be accountable to by telling your supporters what your goal is and when you want to reach it.



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~ Shaunette Ehiabhi ~

Dating & Relationship Coach

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